Stage Designs

Press Record

Adam Hann from Saturate in Manheim, PA brings us this simple design using TVs and trusses.

They did a night at the beginning of April called “Press Record” where they had their 20-somethings community come in, sing songs and hit the record button. The whole purpose was for their community to create something together.

The set is a few pieces of trussing. Attached on the back of the trussing were about 4 strip lights that gave the appearance of LED’s when it hit the trussing. On top of the trussing they have 4 i-Cues. On the two side pieces they had two inexpensive LED fixtures.

The TV’s were all connected using a Matrox TripleHead2Go and ProPresenter. They bought some extra wide backgrounds from Igniter Media. The two side screens were just mirroring the center TV.

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