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Love Letters

Ken Neff from Christ Central (Kidz Studios) in Lake City, FL brings us this giant mailbox for their stage.

During their “Love Letters” series, they had no other choice but to built a 5x12ft mailbox, a 3x5ft letter and made just a few hearts to pull it all together. They needed a stage that would incorporate them checking the mailbox every service to take them into their messages. The theme was based on the letters that Paul wrote to the church.

The mailbox was framed out with 2×4’s, covered with 4×8 styrofoam sheets. The post was styrofoam sheets cut to size and painted to resemble wood. Since it was angled on the stage, only two sides of the post had to be made. The door was hinged with a light weight hinge strip and reinforced with 1/4x 4” pine slates. A styrofoam sheet was cut out for the door and a heart pull knob was attached. The flag was a 7 ft styrofoam piece that was reinforced with 4 wooded ¼ x2” slates.

Craft paper hearts were cut out and attached with staples. To finish it off and add some texture, multi-colored tissue paper was stapled to the inside of the door. The Letter was two 3x5ft cardboard pieces that were doubled up for sturdiness and covered in craft paper. To add some more love elements, they simply cut out hearts from Styrofoam and panel board and various sizes and painted them different colors.

Total hours: 8 hrs
Cost: $12.00






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