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Toxic Barrels

Jonathan Delmark from Sulligent First Assembly of God in Sulligent, AL brings us these faux toxic barrels (real barrels, fake toxicity).

Jonathan decided he wanted to do a sermon series called “Toxic” and wanted to incorporate something on their stage that would give a great visual representation of toxic waste. He got five 55 gallon drums from a guy in their church who works in a factory. Then he wanted to make it look like there was toxic waste oozing out of the barrels, so, on his way to a home improvement store he got the idea of using a Spray foam insulation to look like bubbling and oozing toxic waste. He bought one can of spray foam insulation – the cheap stuff – and a can of neon green spray paint. The hard part was getting the spray foam insulation to stick to the barrels without falling off; you have to move very quickly and try not to clump it up or it will fall off. Also, to create the dripping lines, it is best to start from the bottom and move upwards – it won’t clump up and fall off as easily.

After he sprayed the foam and let it cure, he used masking tape to tape it off and spray painted it Neon Green. The whole process took about 4 hours and the total cost was $12.25 after tax.

Toxic barrells good 2

Toxic barrells good 6

Toxic barrells making 4

Toxic barrells making 5

Toxic barrells making 6

Toxic barrells ok 1

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