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Mark Those Pallets

Chris Martin from Aspen Grove Community Church in Littleton, CO brings us this simple way to theme a series.

They wanted a rough wood look because their series was a raw and unedited look at the Gospel of Mark. They had some pallets donated by one congregant who works at a warehouse.

They designed the logo and created a giant stencil using their copier and Blockposters.com. Then they cut out the words, taped the sheets together, and set the stencil on the pallets to make two spray painted sermon markers.

They used the other pallets to make a cube with wax paper lining the inside and blue lights in them to give a glow effect.

Materials used: 10 pallets, staples, wax paper, stencil, black spray paint, black sheets for back of cubes, blue light bulbs, cheap lamps inside cubes, rigging wire.

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One response to “Mark Those Pallets”

  1. Shawna says:

    Can you describe how you used the wax paper?

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