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Ninja Crosses

Lawrence Bishop from Solid Rock Church in Monroe, OH brings us this stage design with a great textured wall and crosses that look like ninja stars.

They wanted to completely renovate their sanctuary.

They started by using interlocking rock tile for the background (similar to these). These three dimensional tiles are really eye catching with colored lighting. The shadows give it more depth. Then they had create an 8ft abstract metal cross for their baptistry and had them make a custom pulpit that lights up as well.

Mark Those Pallets Dot Matrix

2 responses to “Ninja Crosses”

  1. Vince says:

    Is there a more accurate link for the background? The one linked with (ones like these) does not show the actual one the church used.

  2. kyle curran says:

    where did you purchase the textured wall in the background with the pink lights on it?

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