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Throwback: Marshall Stacks

Do folks at your church complain that the music is too loud? Threaten to make their ears bleed with this sweet stage design from Adam Hann at Saturate, a ministry of (Originally posted June 2011)

They created this set from Coroplast sheets and aluminum studs. They got a paint that looks similar to the front of a Marshall Half Stack to paint it with. They then used gaff tape to outline the edge of the “cabinets” to make them look more defined. Finally, they printed out the the Marshall logo and spray glued them on. Simple idea, lots of work, great payoff!

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12 responses to “Throwback: Marshall Stacks”

  1. Ryan says:

    Looks amazing!

    I've been thinking about a stage design similar to this for about a week now. The costs on this sounds way lower than what I was thinking.

    • Adam Hann says:

      Yeah it didn't cost to much, especially since we reused aluminum studs from an old set. The "cost" went into the time spent. But you can always do something like this on a different scale.

  2. joel says:

    haha, thats awesome guys!!

  3. Rick says:

    Marshall should have paid for this!

  4. Lucas says:

    This looks pretty cool I’ll admit. But what’s the point of this for church. Was it like a sermon series design or just a design for the stage. If it’s only stage design it’s a little eccentric. It would look better if you just took off the Marshall logos. And left the frames because those look really awesome lot with the LEDs :) great Idea and I just may implement something like this at my church and especially if we have a sermon series that goes along with it.

    • Adam Hann says:

      Hey Lucas, great questions. We actually just did this set as a different idea, just for something fun. This was built for our 20somethings community and at that time we had just gone through a lot of transition in the ministry. It was just a fun way to spruce up the environment. The crazy thing was, some people actually thought they were real!

      I like you suggestions, LEDs would have looked great on this set.

  5. joshformanek says:

    Nice!!! Press Record??

  6. Lucas says:

    Haha they do look real! I was very very impressed with your creativity! BRAVO!

  7. Ben Ralph says:

    Cool design Adam, my HU friend!

  8. Adam McIntyre says:

    I love the irony that the guitarist is playing a mesa boogie. ;)

    Fun design.

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