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Massive Texture

Steve Newman from MMBC in Fort Worth, Texas brings us their Easter set.

This design is simply window screen. They crumpled it up and fastened it to their walls.

They built the crosses out of pine 1×4’s and filled it with screening too. Then they lit the whole set with LED lighting.

They bought over 1,000 feet of 4-foot aluminum screening.


Plate Arrows Plumbing Wall

4 responses to “Massive Texture”

  1. Gary says:

    How do you keep the screen material in that crumpled shape?

  2. KatOfTheWalk says:

    Gary – It tends to remain crumpled once it’s been done. I did a curtain out of the stuff this past summer and it stayed pretty deeply textured even when it was just hanging from a truss. Well-placed staples or screws will only help.

  3. How does that textured screen wall look under conventional lighting? We have a space shared between very traditional service and our millinnials service. The wall would be under normal house lights during the traditional service. Would it just look like a crinkled bug net in that kind of lighting?

    • Anne Fitak says:

      For conventional use (no special lights) I would try spray painting the screen, probably before crumpling, with random complimentary colors.

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