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Mega Metal

Jason Clarke from New Hope Community Church in Bryan, Ohio brings us this very metallic stage design.

For one of their series’, their pastor wanted an industrial type feel. Jason found a couple of designs on CSDI that fit what he was thinking and merged them together to fit their space. This is a conglomeration of the “Portable Reflections” and “Metal Times Four” stage designs adapted for their use.

On the four “columns” they attached Reflectix insulation using double sided tape. They taped off the edges of 20×25 inch furnace filters with black duck tape and attached them right to the Reflectix using 3m hooks. Jason knew he wanted to incorporate corrugated metal somehow and the space right behind the drum set was perfect. They used 5 sheets of 12’x24″ corrugated roofing metal (the thinnest they could find) and just overlapped them as needed to fit the space. Then they attached “J” hooks across the top of the metal and hung 6′ cyclone fencing (which was donated to them from a local fence company) from them.

They used 6 LED bars across the bottom and 4 LED bars across the top. There were also 2 small round LED’s on the bottom creating the “light column” effect on the metal. The total cost of the project was around $300.


Stage Finished.JPG

Stage pic 1

Stage pic 2.JPG

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2 responses to “Mega Metal”

  1. Dennis says:

    Looks awesome! I was just looking at the reflectix insulation today in consideration for use with a performance area we’re putting together. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sully Cook says:

    Hey Jason. This looks great! Did you have any trouble with the drum noise reflecting off of the metal?

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