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Jeremy Huddleston from Saddleback Church Huntington Beach in Huntington Beach, CA brings us this

This campus is currently in OceanView High School. They are a portable campus which means everything has to be teardown ready. Nothing can be screwed to a wall, hung from the ceiling, or mounted to stage. Everything has to be freestanding. So Jeremy scratched an idea out on a small notepad and went to HomeDepot.

The first part of this design was building four 4×8 frames out of 2×4’s. They were backed with a cheap piece of luan, painted flat black, and covered with some of his favorite stage material: “Reflectix” insulation. He hot glued the Reflectix to the luan plywood. The staple tab texture catches light really well and has kind of an LED look. Plus its a little over $100 for a 4’x100′ roll so it makes a BIG impact for cheap.

Next, Jeremy wanted a little more texture. So he built four 8′ tall x 16″ wide frames with no back (again out of 2×4’s and painted black) and hot glued three 24″x24″ air filters on each one (wrapped the edges in dark tape to frame them out). Metal “L” Brackets screwed to the bottoms of the frames gave them feet to stand on their own.

They have only 4 Chauvet LED bars on the floor lighting the set and the staple tab also catches light from the front of house truss. The entire thing can be torn down in about three minutes.

With paint supplies, screws, lumber, insulation filters, braces, etc. this was about a $400 project.







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11 responses to “Portable Reflections”

  1. Moses camacho says:

    Best stage design we have ever had! Nicely done.
    You left out the fact that you did all this with 1 weeks notice :)

  2. Gary says:

    Great job looks awesome! Do you think it would work with just a 64 LED par light on each panel?
    Thank you for sharing

    • Jeremy Huddleston says:

      Yes Gary, LED cans would work as well. The trick with this stuff is not to try to light from directly below but to pull the lights out away from it somewhat as it reflects the light more than most materials. Just setup your lights and go out to the seating area and move them around until you find the best position.

  3. Nettie says:

    Awesome idea and very creative. Loved reading. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Aaron Leeds says:

    Digging it ….way to think outside..

  5. Robert Bates says:

    I was just curious exactly which LED light you use to give it that really cool purple color. Or if there are some options. Anything helps. Thanks!

  6. Kyle says:

    Hey! I’m doing the same stage and our final product is not reflecting as well as yours. Can you email and chat, because we are stumped?

  7. Matt Kerr says:

    Hey, great idea … very creative use of regular “home-building-supply” stuff!

  8. Shelia says:

    Thanks for sharing this idea. We were able to create a modified version of this.

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