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Separated by Boxes

Jeff Jansen from Pathways Community Church in Largo, FL brings us banner-box-banner-box-banner stage design.

They were inspired by So Fresh and So Clean. They built the boxes individually into 2ft x 2ft squares (using 1x2s and 2x2s). They painted the frames black then stapled and covered them with a very thin cloth material they bought at Joann Fabrics.

Then they printed a graphic that Jeff designed in Illustrator onto banner material (about $125/panel). They hung each banner from a 2×2 nailed to the wall.

They stacked the boxes on top of each other and used LED Par 64 lights inside. Then they used the same lights at the bottom of each banner panel.

Total cost for the set: $1000.

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21 responses to “Separated by Boxes”

  1. Chaz King says:

    Very smooth, like the look a lot!

  2. Jeff Jansen says:

    Thanks Chaz, I’m glad you like it!

  3. Harry says:

    Jeff, I love your stage design. Are the box pillars built as one piece. Or did you build the boxes individually and stack them ontop of each other?

  4. How far apart are the box towers?

  5. Mike Fowler says:

    Did you just use 1 light per tower of boxes, or did you use more?

  6. Do you have a close up shot of the boxes that you could post or email me? Thanks!

  7. Mike Fowler says:

    Also what materials did you use to make the boxes

  8. Jae Smith says:

    I loved this stage design and we are using the box concept for our student sanctuary. What type of material did you use to wrap inside the boxes?

  9. Jeff, LOVE this design…It is very similar to our stage size, etc. I have two questions, #1 – Would you be willing to share the PS file for the design on the banners? OR #2 – If you guys are no longer using this design, could we buy the banners from you?

  10. Deb Parish says:

    I love this set! Could you send me the all of the above that everyone else has asked for? Thanks a bunch!

  11. Deb Parish says:

    HI Jeff,
    Could I get the PS File for the design for this set? We made boxes similar to this for another stage set. We will need to have this as soon as possible to get them printed and ready for our Sept.15 stage set.


  12. George Collins says:

    What type of fabric did you use?

  13. Juan says:

    We are just starting a new ministry and are interested in using some of you great ideas. Our ministry and room are small still but we want to make it very pretty. Could we have your permission to use this design? Could we have some files that help us start working? We appreciate your great help.

    Juan Franco

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