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Connie Dawson and Rachel Gaarder from Radiant Church in Lincoln, Nebraska bring us this cool box signs.

This design was inspired by the “Risen Box” by Matt McGowen from Trinity Baptist.

Per each sign:
7 2×3 8’ lumber @ $2.45 each
2 sheets 4×8 black corrugated plastic @$17.74 each
1 sheet white corrugated plastic @ $15.80
12 yards 15” matte black vinyl @ $4.55/yd
1 roll vinyl transfer tape $62.75 (more than enough for both signs)
2 96” fluorescent light series strips (we found on clearance for $17)
8 4’ fluorescent bulbs $27.
1 roll black electric tape. $0.50
Total cost: $247.28

1. Built a frame, 8’ x 4’ out of 2x2s. Being careful not to block the letters with supports
2. The letters were cut into the adhesive vinyl with a cricut machine
3. Letters were removed from the black backing and carefully laid over the white corrugated plastic.
4. Fluorescent lights were mounted and wired onto the frame.
5. Plastic sheeting was cut to size and stapled to the frames.
6. We ran black electric tape around the edges to cover anywhere light came through.

Throwback: 90's Glow Throwback: Ray Frames

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