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Mix Matched

Cody Nethery from Memorial Baptist Church—Ethos Student Ministry in Baytown, Texas brings us this stage design built by four highschoolers and one adult overseeing.

Before starting, they contacted a local warehouse that sells electrical supplies, and asked for any old (un-chemically treated) pallets that they could use. They had some on hand and offered to deliver them to their youth building. Over two weeks, they decided to pull apart over 30 pallets by hand for their design. Once they did so, they arranged them by width to make sure that their pillars would be level with no gaps.

Once they had everything organized, they made three structures which were 3 feet by 8 feet to attach the wood to. They ended up being able to salvage the top and bottom pieces from the pallets, which meant they only had to buy six 8-foot 2x4s, braces to attach them to the wall, masonry screws, and some nails to attach the wood to the structures. They built the structures and placed them where they wanted them to go to make sure they would fit. Once they did this, they realized the electrical conduit that was attached to the wall needed to have a notch cut around it. They did this 3 times until the structures were flush with the cinder block wall.

They cut their 8-foot braces into 1-foot segments, because all the weight was being put on the stage. The only reason they needed screws was to make sure the structure wouldn’t fall over.

Once they nailed the wood to the structures which were on the wall, they were ready to make their emblems. They took their three emblems their graphic designer made for the upcoming series, and cut them out on a vinyl machine, then stuck them to the wood. Once they were positive they wouldn’t fall off, they spray painted around them to add to the rustic look, then peeled off the vinyl revealing the wood.

They added 4 Chauvet Color Palettes which they control from their computer using Show Xpress. Also, they aligned 3 standard Par cans above each one to highlight the emblem.











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