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Non-Traditional Stage Lights

Andrew Leslie from Cambridge Community Church in Cambridge, United Kingdom brings us these non-traditional stage light ideas from their stage.

In early 2014, Andrew was asked to create a design for Cambridge Community Church’s yearly Breathe Women’s Conference. He decided to create a design that had an intimate feel that linked to the theme of ‘Love’ for the conference. By using a lot of tungsten fixtures and also incorporating a lot of LED lights, he was able to create a vibrant and dynamic design—which gave him a lot of flexibility to cater for everything that was happening on stage throughout the 2 days.

For the design, they had four Patt 2013‘s. Two were flown from a truss downstage, while the other two were on stands on either side of center stage. Then they had four Tank Traps with a 2 Cell Blinder, LED Pars and LED Battens rigged from them. These were one of the key aspects of the design and allowed Andrew to take the stage from a warm tungsten to a cool moody LED look.

He also used 4 x 50 Festoons as houselights to create an intimate feel in the room and the impression of a low ceiling. There were also some pendant lights on stage, mainly in the drum cage to just add detail to the stage design.

Everything was rigged and programmed by Andrew in 1 and 1/2 days before they opened on the Friday Night.


4 x Patt 2013
4 x 2 Cell Blinders
6 x 50m Festoons
12 x Showtec 9Q6 Tours
4 x Led Batten
12 x Pendant Lights
Arkaos MediaMaster Pro 3

Media Content: Church Motion Graphics
Control: ChamSys MQ60 and 2 Extra Playback Wings
Lighting Provided by Limelite Lighting and Digital Horizon Lighting Design

















Fairy Light Word Intensely Wood

7 responses to “Non-Traditional Stage Lights”

  1. Craig says:

    We have people (concussion sufferers mainly) who cannot handle bright lights like that. I tried suspending exposed lights from our ceiling and had an elder get up in the service and unplug them due to complaints of the brightness causing headaches and pain. Do you have issues w/ that with things that bright?

    • Jason says:

      Sounds like a pretty passive-agressive elder. Yikes

    • We sometimes have issues about things being a little too bright/in your face but it’s all down to how the lights are used, if you don’t flash them at full intensity or have them constantly on at a high intensity, nobody moans and it all still looks amazing!

  2. Dana says:

    So, i’m curious as to where you picked up the Patt 2013s? Did you rent them, or purchase them?

    • They were hired for a company local to us. It doesn’t really make financial sense for us to go and buy new lights for each event we do. And we can get a lot more for our money if we hire!

  3. james tucker says:

    This looks great. I am trying to get enough beam projectors and fresnels to do this at my church.

    We’ve done scenic stuff like this in the past with old R40 strip lights but kept the lights at 20ish% to not make it uncomfortable for the folks staring at the stage. As long as you are purposeful with the crowd lighting, than its cool, otherwise it just hurts.

  4. Freddy says:

    How much did the Patt lights cost? Or how much were they to rent? Those lights are HUGE!! Thanks!

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