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ModScenes Christmas

Jeremy McCullough from Getwell Road UMC in Southaven, MS brings us this design featuring ModScenes panels.

They ordered three sets of “Mod Scenes” from using their “winter branch” design to create a “snowflake” concept. They received the scenes and designed three different arrangements for the main centerpieces back stage. Then they decided to utilize a previous set piece from a former design and turn them horizontal to fill in some dead space on stage. Those pieces were constructed out of wood 2x4s cut 7.5ft tall by 4ft wide when standing vertical. They cut natural Coroplast “slats” the same width of the frames, 6” wide and spaced them 4” apart. The pieces were suspended from ceiling girders in the cave space using safety cables. All set pieces were illuminated using Chauvet Professional COLOdash Batten-Quad 12 fixtures.

Jeremy had a vision of using Edison lamps in the design development stages. The Edison lamps (45 total) were purchased from They ordered 4 different lamp styles to give some randomness to their design. The lights were strung by triple socket pendant cables and plugged into an existing light socket tapped into their light system via a socket adapter. This allowed them to dim the lights to whatever intensity they desired. The Edison lamps played a key role in tying their Story (testimony) videos to the stage design for continuity.

Using multiple LED fixtures to light the set design and uplight their large white curtains, they were able to create multiple looks and moods. They just finished a major renovation on their lighting system so they utilized the new lighting fixtures they purchased for this production. They didn’t have to rent additional lighting like they had in the past. The total cost of the project is broken down:
• Edison Lamps: 45 total lamps $195
• 3 Socket Pendant cabling: $185
• Set Pieces with Coroplast: est $17/ea (includes coroplast, wood, and hardware)
• Mod Scene Pieces: $270
• Total Cost: Less than $700





Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset





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