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Mosh Pit

David Little from Elevate Church in Morton, Illinois brings us this cool design that I’m sure Bono would love to run around on.

A member in their church built the round stage in his wood shop. He was able to enter the diameter of the circle into a CNC router to get a perfect circle. Similar results could be met using a string and pencil.

The vertical screens were 2×4 frames, covered with rear projection fabric from Rose Brand. The 2×4’s and screen materials were under $100 each. The projectors were Epson EX70s mounted sideways to the wall. The video was run from a separate computer running Pro Presenter.

The frames around the screens were 1/4″ MDF, mounted to the ceiling and floor. There was no supporting structure. It was very strong and was actually quite difficult to take down once they were done.

The tubes on the ground were Chauvet color tubes. Since the wires on the color tubes are white and the stage was white, you couldn’t see the wires. The lights on the side walls were Stage Ape LED pars from Cheaplights.com.

The TV’s were mounted to the stage using 1 5/8″ unistrut and strut brackets. They put the chairs in a circular design around the sanctuary. The seats in the “mosh pit” weren’t reserved for anyone – though they found that mostly the younger people would sit there.

The stage was 3/4″ plywood. They tore carpet off it, primed, and painted using latex paint. Then they added a water based clear coat to give it a higher sheen.

Stretch Grid Grunge is What We Aim For

3 responses to “Mosh Pit”

  1. Tyler Herron says:

    Cool design! Very clean!

    I’m curious about the chairs in the middle though… did people actually sit there?? That seems odd to me… like a throwback to the old days of theatre where people sat on stage to watch the shows. You went to be seen by everyone else, not necessarily to see the show.

    Or I guess, was that circle part of the stage used for anything other than a circle being in the middle? Did people walk out on it?

    It’s neat, just confusing. I’d need some context as to why they did it, and how they’re using it.

    -Tyler Herron

    -Tyler Herron

    • Jason McKinley says:

      It ended up being more of a student section in the end. We loved the idea of the circle stage, but didn’t want to loose seating because of it, so we put chairs in there and the students naturally gravitated toward it.

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