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Cut it Out

Tim Cranford from LifePointe Church in Fort Worth, Texas brings us this fun use of corrugated metal.

They first created a frame by painting four 10ft 1×4 boards flat black and screwing them across four 8ft pieces of 1/2″ thin wall electrical conduit using 1/4″ bolts. Then they suspended the frame from the beams above the drop ceiling with steel braided cable and cable clamps.

After the entire piece was suspended the corrugated metal was cut into roughly square pieces with simple tin snips and attached to the frame with self tapping sheet metal screws. The church leaf logo was traced and cut out with the tin snips in the middle piece before it was installed.

They lit each piece with simple color wash LED par cans – the top half suspended and the bottom half sitting on the stage. The entire project took only a couple hours to construct and install and cost around $75. All the materials were purchased at a local hardware store and Home Depot.

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