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James Radford from Element Church in Forest City, NC brings us this sketched up stage design.

They usually have a small budget of $150-$300 to change 2 of their campuses so they work really hard of reuse and be very intentional to stay within our boundaries.

They had these outdoor banners made for about $250 and used the largest as a backdrop – hanging them with chain and pulling tension on it from both sides to remove as many wrinkles as possible. Then they took the smaller banners and wrapped them around their side walls on stage. Then they simply used concrete screw to secure them. It took them (3 people) about 3 days from start to finish to complete the project.

It's Time Cut it Out

8 responses to “Print Neatly”

  1. Steven says:

    Is this the same banner from Newspring Church’s student ministry?

  2. James Radford says:

    This is the same print from a series they did a year or so ago. We were looking at doing a similar design with a different series so we created a word cloud drop that used words that were key to the series our pastor was preparing.

  3. Jeremy says:

    WE are looking to build a 16′ curved wall smiliar to the 30×10 at newspring. how would you suggest to do this. We would be using the same graphic

  4. Taylor Barton says:

    Is there somewhere that I can acquire this graphic? I love the way this looks! I’d be willing to make my own, but this one is perfect and would love to acquire it somehow!

  5. Shawn McGIll says:

    Is the backdrop paper or vinyl?

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