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Most Popular – August 2012

Here are the most visited stage designs for the month of August. Just want to say another big thank you to all the stage designers who submit their stuff for us to see.

  1. Big Baller – 4,929 views
    Andrew Hunt and his crew from Blue Ridge Community Church in Forest, VA
  2. Tiny Lines – 1,856 views
    Joe Stratford from Catch the Fire in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  3. I Long for Bubblewrap – 1,821 views
    Derek Welker from Worship Center in Lancaster, PA
  4. The Drum Shield Solution – 1,765 views
    Robert Mays from Southeast Christian Church Next Gen in Louisville, KY
  5. Radiate and Glow – 1,570 views
    Gary Brownell from Sagebrush Community Church in Albuquerque, NM
  6. Gaps and Spaces – 1,548 views
    Rik Hedlund from Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas
  7. Cascade – 1,439 views
    The design team from Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY
  8. Grandma’s House – 1,402 views
    Adam Neal from Journey Church in Raleigh, NC
  9. Scattered Slats – 1,330 views
    Cas Rump from Pittsburgh East Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA
  10. Stacked Roofing – 1,311 views
    Jonathan Hunt from The Fellowship Round Rock in Round Rock, Texas

Great job, stage designers!

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