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Shark Teeth

Jessica Herzanek from Rocky Mountain Christian Church in Niwot, CO brings us this stage design that looks like it’s about to devour you.

They designed this set using poster board and fishing line. It cost about $30 for the whole design.

They cut the poster boards into 2 different sizes. The larger triangles took up the whole poster board, and the smaller ones took up half. They staggered the small and large “teeth” when they hung them from the bar at the top of their stage. They were 4 feet in front of their back wall.

Because their AC vent was right above the “teeth” they anchored them to a grate behind the drum set.

Note: They easily bend. A wooden dowel would help prevent that.

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3 responses to “Shark Teeth”

  1. John Ness says:

    can you list the fixtures that you are using?

  2. Da says:

    What is the measurement of that stage? From first triangle to the last? Measurement from floor to ceiling? Did you all use foam
    Boards? Did you all use hot glue ?

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