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Mother’s Day Kites

Lori Biddle from Crossroads Community Church in Mansfield, Ohio brings us this Mother’s Day photo opp design for their lobby.

From Lori: I usually create a ‘picture opt’ area for Mother’s Day since that’s what mom’s seem to like the most. Pictures with friends or family!

My husband and I had been walking through an airport and looked up to see beautiful kite cutouts hanging way up high overhead. So I took a picture (I take them constantly and get teased about it!) No idea is new under the sun right?

I challenged the artist group I lead to re-create kites for the Mother’s Day backdrop.
I organized the cutting so they’d all be the same and artists picked them up and used whatever kind of color they wanted to on each one. No theme.

The wood we cut them from was an underlayment – 4X8 – thin which made it flexible and light weight. The sheets we purchased ran around $14.00 ea.

We drilled holes in all four corners not knowing how we’d end up hanging them and so that I could add tales when they brought them back. I then found beautiful wire strings of pearls for the tales that I could shape and it ended up being one of their favorite things. They were half price at Hobby Lobby, $3.50 for two in the wedding section. We used a heavy picture wire to hang them, especially the largest kite required a multiple strand wire, (it fell the first attempt)! It typically sells for about $3.99 for a single pack, but Hobby Lobby gives a 10% discount for church charge cards and 1 item at 40% so it wasn’t too bad. (I assume somewhere else you could buy an entire roll but unfortunately my husband was waiting on the lift when we discovered the wire we already had wouldn’t work and Hobby Lobby is next door!)

We then added a free drawing for the kites and I could not believe the response from the ladies! I don’t even have anywhere large enough at my house to hang one!

This served two purposes – drawing for the eight kites as well as a great update to our data base. It can never be just about one thing!

The ladies loved it and that’s what mattered. We never limit it just to moms, but open to all ladies in our ministry!

Coincidentally, there was a “Mom and me Prayer Jar Painting event” that filled that same lobby early on Saturday – so although I wasn’t there, my understanding is they filled the lobby with ladies painting and all took pictures in front of the kites!

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