Special Event Design

Mountain Glow

Steve Van Pelt from Morning Star Community Church in Salem, OR brings us this design for their middle school winter camp.

For their event, Big Chill, they wanted to tie their stage design in with the promotional fliers and slides used for the camp. The fliers featured stylized mountains with some earthy colors and a red accent color. For their stage, they took 5 sheets of Coroplast and created the design using masking tape. Then using spray paint, they painted the design on the Coroplast. Using cheap LED strip tape from Amazon, they lined the top of the mountains. They lit the Coroplast from the bottom and the top using LED’s. Their projection screen fit nicely in the center.

Since they already had the Coroplast, the whole project was about $100. The cheapest they can get coro in Salem is $17/sheet, so add that to the total cost of the project.




Hip Shapes Sheer Backing