Kids/Youth Designs

Sheer Backing

Harrison Meeks from Lindale Church (Elevate Student Ministries) in Houston Texas brings us this design for their youth room.

They purchased a large 100′ parachute from an army surplus center locally and simply tied the center to a truss high above the rear of the stage and used simple rope to tie the far ends to the roof beams of our buildings ceiling which made a beautiful backdrop for environmental projection or to throw some LED washes onto.

The triangle truss columns were actually salvaged antenna tower they snagged for free from an antenna tower supply yard. They used silver metallic spray paint to give it a traditional truss finish and used pipe flanges to anchor them into the stage floor.

They used LED Pixel Bars to create the V-shaped lighting configuration, simply attached to the truss and stands. They repurposed their gymnasium to fit their expanding student ministries, so they literally removed the basketball goal and used the existing framework to attach their projection screen. Total Cost on the parachute backdrop was $125.



Mountain Glow Bowls and Stripes

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