Stage Designs


James Tucker from Christ’s Church in Jacksonville, FL brings us this awesome mountainous looking design with some industrial flare.

From James: Christ’s Church was about to embark on a new series called “Doomsday Preppers”. We thought an industrial-ish look would go well so we created a design that consisted of 14′ and 8′ pieces of corrugated aluminum.

We made a quick sketch in powerpoint and went from there.

Hanging the set was easy, we attached conduit clamps from Home Depot to the metal and hung on our “Scenic pipes” that go floor to ceiling to hold scenery and some re purposed par blinders. Self tapping screws were used to attach several sheets together to make the long sides of the design. Wear gloves — the metal is sharp!

To light, we used some Blizzard Hotbox RGBA’s. Each led was individualized giving us the ability to color the whole set in one color or chase in several colors.

The metal takes the light pretty nicely.

The cool part of the set is that when we were done with the metal, we re-used them in our youth environment along the walls. Nothing goes to waste!

We were in less than $500 in the set — which is insanely cheap for a stage that big!!!

Blinder pars and scenic pipes:

Conduit Clamp:

Corrugated Metal:

Little Boxes DIY LED RGB Matrix Lighting Fixtures