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Multi-Purpose Light Boxes

Tyler Bowen from Trinity Assembly of God in Mt Morris, MI brings us these versatile light boxes—changeable for any series/design.

They made a simple wood frame with a slot to accommodate a 4′ x 8′ sheet of Coroplast. They used the clear Coroplast so that they could cut out silhouettes of letters or other designs, light it up from behind and use it as a big shadow box. On the outside of the wood frame they stapled in some sheets of Coroplast that they cut and painted the whole thing black. They ended up spending under $100 at the hardware store to get some 1×2’s, 1×3’s and screws. The paint, Coroplast, and paper for cutouts they already had.

They use an overhead projector to make the cutouts and just tape the with clear scotch tape flat to the Coroplast. The light passes through the tape and it isn’t noticeable from more than 10 feet away. It took them about a day and half to make three boxes. They used LEDs and sometimes halogen work lights behind them.

They’ve already used them for missions month on the stage, ladies Christmas tea decor, and for a special kids service after only two months. They just pull off the tape and tape down a new cutout.









Snowflaked Scrim Tower Lights

One response to “Multi-Purpose Light Boxes”

  1. Ross says:

    Love the multi-use nature of this! We did something similar to this, but it wasn’t able to be moved. Think we will give this go. Any words of wisdom, or a description of how you put the boxes together? Thanks!

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