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Dale Miller and Rocky Favia from Grace Mennonite Church in Millersburg, OH brings us this set design with loads of snowflakes.

They used opaque corrugated sheeting (3’X12′) and 3/4″ plywood to make the ‘curtain’. The sheeting and plywood was hung by hooks on 1″ pipe that they ran across their goal post truss. The pipe freed them up to be able to hook the sheeting wherever they needed to and not be limited to using the truss cross bars.

The snowflakes were made of 3/8″ plywood. Some of the snowflakes were hand cut and some were cut out with a laser router. They were then either painted, painted and glittered, or wrapped in gift wrapping paper. They were attached with fishing line and hooks. The church had four Chauvet LED colorstrips behind the curtain. Rocky really wanted the sheeting to look like it was glowing. The colorstrips do a great job on that.

The cost for this specific design was not much (right around $300) only because the fact that the wood, router work, and all snowflake materials were donated and they already had some of the materials. The corrugated sheets cost $45 each. The pipe for the truss was $42. The fishing line was a couple of dollars.

If you are starting from scratch, this design would cost quite a bit more:
The colorstrips ($160 each from Sweetwater)
Hooks ($30)
Truss (too expensive to talk about)
Stage Lighting (also too expensive to talk about).









Bravery Multi-Purpose Light Boxes

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  1. Jessica Osakue says:

    This is amazing. Like it

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