Stage Designs

Multitone Squares

The North Point Ministries team from North Point Community Church brings us this fun use of a shaded grid.

They made rectangles out of 2×4’s by screwing a 5’ vertically board on both sides to a 10’ horizontal board on top and bottom. They evenly split them into three sections by using three more vertical 5’ boards nailed into the frame using a nail gun. Then they proceeded to nail horizontal boards in between the vertical boards to give them 6 squares on each 5’x10’ rectangle. These rectangles were sprayed with two coats of flat black paint using a compressor powered paint gun. This entire process took 2 weeks to do all the frames for four venues.

Then they took the frames and stapled the 3 different types of fabrics onto the back to create the desired design. The rectangles were stacked into the desired configuration and screwed into the floor and to one another. They also had 2 pieces on either side that were hung using aircraft cable through a counter balanced pulley system that allowed an operator to fly them up and down. This system was used on Sunday mornings so that their risers could be struck for Andy’s messages.

The curtain in the back was silver voile fabric strips hung pinched together to give it some fullness.


Snowflakes in Red Lights Twinkle Pallet Trees

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