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5 Bar Stacks

Tyler Cutforth from Gold Creek Community Church (Youth Department) in Mill Creek, Washington brings us this design for their youth room.

Their student ministry recently took on the huge task of moving rooms. They switched rooms with their 5-6th grade ministry so they could have an entire wing of the church. The youth took the room, reoriented the stage, and built a new room.

Using the “Slat Slacks” template, they used 5 LED lights that the church already had and put them hanging off of their screen pointed at the slats, so they could wash it with any color.

They spent around $500 total on the stage and wall (they had a faux wall built out from the existing wall due to exposed building support beams). Then they took an angled approach with their stage. Their worship leader loves having the students right up against the stage, but he also wanted an environment that felt less like a band performing to a crowd and more like an intimate session between the musicians and the students. He was inspired by the mountainous landscape of the Pacific Northwest and came up with this unique stage design.







Mega Metal I Beams

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