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Marylynn Chee from Faith Community Church in Perth, Australia brings us this woodsy stage design look.

They wanted to have a woodsy look for Father’s Day this year (celebrated on Sep 7th in Australia). So they came up with a low cost painted wood panel background that could be easily installed in their rented space.

They bought cheap thin (3mm) plywood ($16.95ea) from the hardware store and then masked out a simple geometric pattern, using black paint to fill in the gaps. They also created a simple hipster-like shield for the central panel using a projection and Sharpie markers. Lastly, they stained the wood with a tea and coffee solution and left them outside in the sun for a weathered look.

Recipe: black tea, instant coffee, white vinegar and fine steel wool.

They installed it on existing theater flats and then just lit them up using their auditorium lights.




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  1. Bill Grabowski says:


  2. Lynn Colvin says:

    So simple and stunning! Well done!

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