Christmas Designs

Mural and Twigs

Kathy Niswender and Nathaniel Johnston from Trinity Church in Wheat Ridge, Colorado brings us this Christmas look.

For the winter trees, they did some tree trimming from small, fast-growing trees that needed cut back. They were plain enough, and their stage dark enough that they took the light very well and didn’t need to be painted white.

Their biggest challenge was making the trees stand. They wanted something easier than cementing the limbs in a 5 gallon bucket.

The bases were made from 1/4”, 1/2”, and 1” PVC pipe (Whatever would fit the individual trees). Using a three-way PVC elbow, legs were attached so that the base could be connected to approximately 20”x16” plywood using metal strapping and 1/2” screws.

They added some artificial Christmas trees with white lights at the front of the stage and covered all of the bases of all of the trees in white plastic “snow.”

After positioning LED wash lights underneath the winter trees, they got the look you see in the pictures.

Note: The lighted Christmas picture was designed by a member of their church many years ago and is put up every year for the holidays.

Intricate Boxes Out of the Woods

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