Christmas Designs

Out of the Woods

Don Beardsley from Gateway Baptist Church in Mackenzie, Queensland brings us these cool tree elements.

From Don: Inspired by a white Christmas this white forest design aided in our Carols services to bring a white Christmas look to the Australian hot summer stage.

It was a simple construction with 6m lengths of pine attached to the roof and lighting poles above our stage at different angles much like the way a group of trees would grow in slightly different directions. The front row of trees was covered with 600mm wide MDF sheeting, the second row of trees was covered with 300mm wide MDF sheeting and then the trees in the last few rows were kept bare as 70mm wide lengths of pine.

We then painted the trees white with brown textured swirls and curves to give the illusion of tree-like texture.

All together the set cost about $900 to pull together with some help from volunteers. It ended up being an extremely effective design aiding our White Christmas Carols drama story and giving a fresh look to our stage for the Christmas season.

Mural and Twigs Trees in Clouds

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