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Trees in Clouds

Chad Boak, creative pastor at Vaughn Forest Church in Montgomery, Alabama brings us some inspiration for next year’s Christmas set that you can accomplish on a small budget.

The stage design inspiration came from a set that Vaughn Forest had done several years ago, but this time they wanted to make it really pop. They called it the “techno Christmas laser trees” set.

The set consists of 13 Christmas trees in total. On the main stage, there are 7 trees. The five in the center are 8 feet tall and the two on either side are 16 feet tall trees. Then, in each wing, there are 3 smaller trees. Each tree is illuminated by DMX controlled LED lights that make it all come to life.

The trees were made by taking ½ inch pex piping purchased at Home Depot to create a circular base. Holes were then drilled in the piping that are apx. 1-2 inches apart. White twine was then looped through the holes to a hanger at the top so that it can be suspended and pulled tight.

The final touch was the snow effect on the stage that was purchased at Hobby Lobby. Flame resistant and eco-friendly plus it can easily be used again and again. The snow was then lit underneath by LED bars to make it glow.

The entire set was prepared in advance over two Sunday afternoons and then installed in one afternoon after the morning service was completed. In total about 20 volunteers were involved in various aspects! Total cost for the project was less than $500.

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