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Kristine Corona and her team at Victory University Belt in Manila, Philippines brings us this Johnny Rockets-themed stage design.

They were going for an American diner feel for their volunteer weekend. They built the “Now Serving” logo using the same font as Johnny Rockets. They built it from clipping red rope lights to a styrofoam base through thin wires. They designed the wall using checkered styrofoam. In addition to the stage design, the ministry heads of the church also wore outfits that resembled a manager’s uniform with caps, aprons, and different neckties that corresponded to their ministry.

Materials: red rope lights, styrofoam, yellow, black, blue, and white paint, twisted spandex.

Checker Back Wall DIY Projection Screens

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  1. Chris Standridge says:

    Is there a way to get these graphics? I love this idea!!!

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