Special Event Design

Olympic Bubbles

Chris Williamson from Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, TN brings us this olympic stage design.

Their pastor wanted to do a series of sermons on “Champions” to coincide with the winter Olympics. They challenge was to initiate a design that tied in to the winter Olympics but tied in with the church. The design had three major parts: the waterfall/ice wall, the Olympic rings, and the torches.

For the waterfall/ice wall they simply hung sheets of different sized bubble wrap in 1 and 2 foot increments. The effect was achieved by putting their existing light bars behind the wrap and using some very subtle smart fx on the lights to create movement. The snowflakes were two Chauvet Spot 150 movers aimed on the bubble wrap.

The Olympic rings were actually not rings but their church logo. It was a natural way to customize the set for the church. They used an overhead projector and traced the logo out onto foam insulation board. They painted each Olympic color and then glued them with rubber cement.

The torches were the trickiest part of the design. They ended up finding a pre-made light fixture (Chauvet BOB) to help with their time. It was manufactured with the same blueprint they were planning to use: metal base with fan and led lights, blowing a piece of silk with magnets). They found some discarded fiberglass corrugated panels for the torch base. They trimmed the panels to size with specialty shears then screwed bolts into them to hold them into place. The “podiums” underneath hid the electric cords. The podiums were simply leftover 2′ by 2′ corrugated white boxes left from a previous set.

The whole set cost around $300. The best part is that the rings and torches already have a permanent home after the series. The athletics and children’s ministries have already requested them for display in their ministry areas.







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