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Once Upon A Time

Continuing the tree theme from yesterday, Laura Blechle from South Telegraph Christian Church in St. Louis, MO brings us their silhouetted tree design.

They were going for a storybook design tree for their series. So they created their tree using real tree branches and mounting them on a wooden frame. To create the tree silhouette, they cut out a tree trunk shape from pink insulation board and attached it to the front of the wooden frame.

The white curtains were theatrical gauze. They were able to bounce the light off a back scrim to create the silhouette onto the theatrical gauze.

They were even able to hit the front of the theatrical gauze with the projector to display their series graphic and song lyrics. (For videos they lowered their projection screen.)

The Tree of Souls Crop Circles

One response to “Once Upon A Time”

  1. Gary says:

    Very creative in the use of the combination of silhouette and projection.

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