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Jake Walter from Bethel Assembly in Rapid City, SD brings us this stage design that would make Megatron proud.

This design consisted of wooden pallets, white fabric, a couple pieces of styrofoam, some black spray paint and a few LEDs. Jake first spray painted all of the pallets black. Then he cut out a white sheet of fabric to fit the frame of each pallet and stapled it together on the back of the pallet. The styrofoam was also spray painted black.

He used an old transparency projector to cut out the letters for “TRANSFORMED”. Once that was done, he hung the styrofoam on each side of the stage by chains to give it an industrial look. He made a 90 degree reinforcement out of wood for the pallets and secured it to the stage and the pallets by screws. He then took an LED and back lit each pallet individually. The word transformed got thrown on the wall by lighting the styrofoam from the front rather than being back lit.

The only materials he purchased were the spray paint and white cloth. He picked up the pallets from a local business for free.

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2 responses to “Transformed”

  1. James T says:

    Looks great, I have never seen palettes like that before.

  2. Kim Flores says:

    can you please email me and let me know how you attached chain to form without breaking foam. thanks.

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