Stage Designs


Courtney Durham from Church on the Hill in McMinnville, OR brings us this design using multiple sized circles.

This is their rendition of Dotify for the 2012 District Assembly for the Nazarenes.

They re-purposed two 8-foot round foam boards they had for a couple years and used scrap foam to make 6 smaller round pieces. They used 2×2 wood braces and screws to hold everything in place.

They designed a graphic and had a member of their congregation print it with their large format printer on paper. They mounted it on foam with glue and tape. (They had to piece it together since the paper was only 36″ wide.

They also had their member print some stuff on mylar to put in front of the trusses. They put 8 LED Christmas light strands (2 each of red, blue, green and white) inside each truss with each color connected to it’s own channel so they were color-changing. The lights were borrowed from a landscaper.

Finally they hung plastic pit balls from strings (separated by straws) on the sides.

The whole stage cost about $200 to accomplish.

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