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There’s No Hope With Dope

Sarah Tornquist from The Well at Evangel Church in Scotch Plains, New Jersey brings us this design inspired by Saved by the Bell’s title sequence.

To create this set, they started by building six 2×2 boxes using 1/4″ plywood, nails, and a drill. Home Depot made the cuts for them (making it much easier). The wood plus the cuts cost $80.

Then they attached plastic to the inside of the box which helped diffuse the light inside. They also used bright colored bedding fabric to wrap outside the box – leaving one side unwrapped for the “back in the day” graphic. To light the boxes, they used low wattage light bulbs and hung one inside each box. They were on dimmers.

The Back In The Day graphic was designed and printed at a local printing company on custom translucent paper. They used double sided tape (the kind you use for sewing) to adhere to the edges of the box.

For the hanging backdrop they cut out shapes from thick poster board and used fishing line to hang them. The set cost under $350 in total.

Editor’s Note: “There’s no hope with dope” is a quote from this Saved By the Bell PSA.

Radiate and Glow .oO

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