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Oozing Fabric

Tabitha Strickland from Christ United Methodist Church in Myrtle Beach, SC brings us this cool use of fabric.
This design was very simple and only costed around $200 to make. The fabric was a silver sheer that Tabitha bought from an online fabric shop that was extra wide:

She bought it in a roll because that was the cheapest way to get it:
“118” Wide Sheer Voile Fabric,  Silver – by the roll” for $199.50

The rolls were 35 yards long. So taking 35 yards times 3 feet per yard was 105 feet in length of fabric. Their battens were 22 feet off the floor … so she divided the roll up into 5 sections of 25 feet each.

Tabitha secured each length of fabric to the batten using staples (but you could sew them or zip tie them). She wanted the fabric to swag, so she just secured the outside edges of each piece.

Then, she loosely measured off 4 feet of fabric and overlapped and stapled it to make the swag continue to through the length on the material.










Tetris Screen Front Porch

One response to “Oozing Fabric”

  1. Patty says:

    What a blessing you are to Our Church Family Tabitha and how wonderfully you give back your talents from Our God.

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