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Out of the Darkness

David Little from Church 2:14 in Peoria, IL brings us this stage lighting setup.

From David: It’s been years since I’ve been able to post any designs. The church I used to be a part of I was regularly part of set designs, and set changes. The church I’ve been a part of for the past 5 years has been mobile, thus stage designs have been very difficult due to setup/teardown time. Now we are the only tenant in the facility we lease, so we can keep our stage setup.

The design here is basically all lighting. I suppose this could be a church lighting design post, but I wasn’t sure where to post that.

We lease a former concert venue. So the facility has a 4′ high stage, that is 40′ wide by about 36′ deep. When the former tenant moved out they took all stage lighting, and AV equipment with them. The upstage walls are covered in black light absorbing curtains, and the stage deck is black rolled rubber. The stage design was very dark. The first photo is of our worship set from a little over a month ago. This wasn’t pre-service. This was actually during worship. It was very boring, and very dark. Just the house floodlights were on.

The following weeks were able to purchase a slew of used LED stage lighting from a local AV company that was going out of business.

This design has 5 Chauvet Colorband Pix mini’s attached to the back wall, along with 4 on the stage floor as backlight for the musicians. They are all individually pixel programmed using ADJ’s MyDMX3.0 software and DMX interface. We have 8 Chauvet SlimPar PRO Tri LED lights on a baton above mid stage. 7 are backlight/effect lights, and one is aimed at the drums for talent lighting.

On Stage we have 2 Martin Mac 300 Wash movers. And on the speakers on stage left and right we have 2 Martin Mac 250 Kryptons.

Above the stage on the same baton as the LED wash lights we have 2 Martin Mac 250 Spot fixtures.

The LED talent lighting we are using is a mixture of Chauvet SlimPar Pro VW’s and Chauvet EVE P140 Variable White COB Lights. The Talent lighting is all variable white, so we can go from very cool, to very warm, and everywhere in between, by simply changing the commands from the lighting console.

Finally the haze machine we are using is the Chauvet Hurricane Haze 4D hazer. The early haze fluid we used was some chauvet fluid we purchased from Amazon, last week we switched to Froggy’s Fog Haze fluid, and couldn’t be happier. We can run the haze machine at about 40% output, and the haze stays even, and thin. It’s wonderful.

I’ve attached a few shots of the stage lighting, and a shot of the preacher, so you can see the quality of lighting from the LED talent lighting.

Nearly all this equipment including the haze machine was purchased used, and at a great discount from new pricing. I mention this, because I want to encourage small churches with limited budgets to think outside the box when it comes to lighting/production budgets. All-inn our LED talent/stage lighting, dmx distro, dmx cables, and lighting clamps cost about $3k. We purchased 8 Martin moving fixtures from a club out of vegas that was upgrading a few years ago for about $2k. All in, you’re looking at right at $5k in lighting, purchased over the past 2 years.

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