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Outlined Ink

Tim Sherwood from Prairie Lakes Church in Cedar Falls, IA brings us these massive, printed faux stained glass windows

They went the printed vinyl banner route. They had a staff member hand draw an image they wanted printed and sent the specs to a print shop to get it printed onto 10mm vinyl sign material. They ordered them in black and white so they could do color changes with lights. The large panels measured 8′ wide by 16′ tall. They were stapled to some 2×2’s at the top and bottom for hanging and weight. They were lit from both the front and the rear by a total of 3 Mac 600’s each.

They also had some smaller 4×8′ panels made and printed in color that they’d roll out to block the drums and give the teaching pastor a backdrop for their multisite messages. They were lit with 2 Par Source 4’s from the rear and source 4 zooms from the front catwalk. Their multi-sites had the same large windows and were using Elation Opti Tri Pars and ETC Selador VividR’s. All together for the 6 large panels, 3 smaller ones, and some other supplies this set came in right around $1,200.

Special thanks to all the folks involved with getting this together:
Sara Fitzgerald for the artwork on the large panels
Kelly Banes and Dan Olsen for the assembly
Dan Phillips for the idea of the vinyl material
and Travis Biggs for the majority of the photos

That Arrows Kind of Love Extrusion

21 responses to “Outlined Ink”

  1. Tim Sherwood says:

    $1200 dollars for 3 campuses. Fairly inexpensive design.

  2. James says:

    Are there any other possible ways to create this look? We are on such a limited budget but love the look.

    • Tim Sherwood says:

      You sure can. If you look back through some of the sets posted on this site you will see some the have done this look with foam insulation and lighting gels or tissue paper for the color. It really depends on what you have to work with when it comes to budget and lighting.

      Let me know if you have any more questions I can help with.

  3. Ken Erickson says:

    Did you use the translucent sign material, or the standard vinyl? My banner printer offers a translucent material, and I’ve been interested in it, but have never pulled the trigger to do a project with it.

    • Tim Sherwood says:

      Hey Ken sorry for the late response. I used the thinnest white backed vinyl I could get. I will admit to being a little nervous about the translucency of it so I ordered a small 2×2 sample first and it worked just fine with our lighting. I made these super big so it took alot of light because of the size. I think the white backing helps to diffuse the light a little bit as well. I think if I had to make a change to these I would frame the whole thing in to make it more of a shadow box than just a front and back lit hanging panel.

      If you try the translucent let me know how it works I would be curious.

      Thanks for the comment hope this helps.

  4. Lilia Rhodes says:

    Pretty impressive! I love the outcome! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. T. Swinford says:

    I’d love to have the drawing design you used to send to the printer. I think this would be a lovely way to dress the stage at Christmas. Any thoughts on sharing the file/s?

  6. Megan Blackburn says:

    These look AWESOME! I would love to have the file to this as well! We are doing a Christmas production. Also what was the name of the printer company you used?


    • Tim Sherwood says:

      Megan the company we used was 4over but they only serve trade printers/resellers. We have a couple of professional photographers on staff and they used some of their connections for the printing.

  7. Tim Sherwood says:

    Ok for those of you who are interested in the artwork here is a link to the zip file Let me know if there are any problems opening it and I will look into a different route of getting it out to those who want it.

    • Bob Brock says:

      Thank you so very much for offering this artwork and design for everyone to use. We have just finished our first stage design by using yours and revamping it to fit our stage and situation. It turned out AWESOME!!! This is the first major stage change we have made in 30 years. Again I would like to say Thank You.

      • Tim Sherwood says:

        Not a problem at all Bob. I would love to see some pictures if you have any. Heres to not waiting another 30yrs for the next change. :)

    • Anna Wiggins says:

      We are super late in coming to the party on this, and I know that there is little possibility, but do you still have the art files for this project? We are using this design for Easter and would love to capitalize on work that has already been done.

  8. Bob Brock says:

    here is a URL to our youth Facebook page that has a few pics

    again I would like to say thanks!!!

  9. Desiree says:

    Do you still have the file of the template by chance? I would love to check it out for our christmas production. Great job on this set, it looks beautiful!

  10. Hey guys,
    I am trying to get this artwork but the link no longer works. If anyone could send it to me…well you would be my hero.

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