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That Arrows Kind of Love

Nins Evangelista from Christ Commission Fellowship Makati in Manila, Philippines brings us this design filled with arrows and triangles.

To create this set they used styrofoam. The cut out the shapes using a hot knife and painted the tingles gray and the arrows red. They attached them to a plain black cloth. Then they lit it simply with two color-changing LED Par cans on both sides of the stage.

They also hung floating arrows in the hallways pointing toward the auditorium.

To minimize costs, they were able to use leftover paint, cloth, and styro boards. Their whole budget was less than 1000 pesos – $24 USD.

CCF Makati Design Team: Nins Evangelista, Rainan Pullo, Totoy Dacillo

Bend Until You Break Outlined Ink

3 responses to “That Arrows Kind of Love”

  1. Kikow says:

    Looks really nice and it is really cheap.. :) Good job guys!

  2. Gherns says:

    Workmanship of God… :) Nice one Nins..genuinely blessed :)

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