Stage Lighting

Overhead Lines

Miller Williams from Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison, MS brings us this cool lighting setup.


  • 12 – 10ft sticks of truss
  • 4 – motor points
  • 84 – fixtures
  • 36 – Chauvet Epix
  • 16 – R2X Beams
  • 12 – R2 Washes
  • 8 – Chauvet Colordash Pars
  • 6 – Chauvet Pix-M USB
  • 6 – Colorado Tour Battens

The design was first put together in Sketchup for ease-of-use and ease-of-changes. Then everything was exported as a .obj into Chamsys except the truss and fixtures. All fixtures were added in Chamsys and run from a Jands T2 using ACN. All was pre-programmed with position presets and updated when the rig is in. All the Epix were mapped and run from Arena Connect to the lighting console through ACN.

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