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Packed Christmas

Kevin Crainshaw from St. Johns Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville, FL brings us these glittery Christmas curtains.

Quite simply, they bought some translucent white fabric and put white Christmas lights behind it. They wrapped it with a red sash to give the white fabric its shape. Then they added trees with Christmas lights in between the fabric curtains.

They added some Christmas gifts around the room to add more Christmas flare.

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16 responses to “Packed Christmas”

  1. Susan Jensen says:

    Very nice look. Simple but elegant. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Laurah Sims says:

    Looks great!! Great idea!

  3. Jennifer Alba says:


  4. Ken Erickson says:

    Love the look, and the use of black pipe as rigging. Simple and cheap (2 things on the top of our design requirements!)

  5. Bryce Phelan says:

    I really like the look of this. What type of fabric did you use? I know different fabrics react differently to light…Thanks!

    • We purchased fabric from Joann’s. It is just a cheap light-weight, cotton/poly blend fabric. It does have one shiny side. The white light w/ white wire we purchased from The fabric hung on a separate wire in front of the lighting. I used pvc to protect the lighting wire on both ends; and weighted it down to hold it tight.


  6. The stage space in this church is very common and a lot of churches can take pointers from St. Johns Presbyterian Church on how they pulled their Christmas theme off. Simple, elegant and inexpensive!

  7. td says:

    would also love to know where (or even what kind) of fabric you used.

  8. Rick says:

    What material was used for this set and where did you get the materials used? Do you have a plan that I can go off of to recreate this set design? Thanks Rick

    • We used 2 separate metal wire lines behind the black piping; one for the lights the other for the fabric. The wires were held tight using lighting clamps attached on both ends to the black pipe. We wrapped the lights around pvc to slide them on the wires. I taped the top and the bottom of the pvc to hold the lights in place. We put metal concrete rods in the bottom PVC pieces to hold them down. The lights hung about 2″ behind the white fabric. Lastly, the sash went around both the fabric and the lights and safety-pinned to hold it together.


      • Denice says:

        Loved this idea, planning on using it. I know you used clear lights but how many lights per string. Or how many feet was each string behind each curtain.

  9. Brad Adams says:

    Looks fantastic. Did check the website for the lights and seems that you used clear mini bulbs on white wire? I didn’t see white actually on their site. Looking at your pictures the lights look like a soft white?


  10. Dave Shephard says:

    We used a very similar design, but also shot LED’s down the face of the curtains. It’s a very clean and classic look, and the color changing LED’s provide a nice splash of color on the sheer fabric.

  11. I used you curtain idea on our stage this year, first time I’ve done the stage set up, everyone loves it, I used lace type curtaining we had for weddings, and hung blue leds on the back of the curtain, then gathered both lights and curtain together

  12. Joseph says:

    Looking forward to a picture of what the blue light effect would look like on white curtain.

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