Christmas Designs

Pallet Swirls

Todd Goodwin from Resurrection Life Worship Center in Picayune, MS brings us this very inexpensive Christmas stage design built from pallets.

They had very little budget this year, so they had to do something inexpensive. They got forty pallets, arranged them in a unique way and added some Christmas elements on top. The design took them about three days to complete.

The backing was a sheet of 4×8 3/4″ inch maple plywood. They used 10 inch steel “L” brackets that fastened to the back of the wall and the floor. They also used a 3/4 inch steel rod about halfway up the wall that was threaded on both ends and secured to the back of the pallet wall and the existing warehouse wall just to stabilize it a little more.






Working with Styrofoam in Stage Design Wooded Glow