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Paneled Environment

Israel Del Barco from First Baptist Church in Curitiba, Brazil brings us this design from their 2012 Christmas musical.

The idea of the musical was that some modern day characters got sent back to the time of the prophets: Micah, Jeremiah and Isaiah. The modern day characters were walking on a catwalk behind the choir, through the sets projected onto acrylic screens that were in different shapes and sizes. Projection allowed them to swap around the sets without having to change out physical pieces.

They used two 16,000 ansi Lumen projectors at the back and one 15,000 on the front – on the center screens. There was also a 6,000 projector to do the ramp. The front projector also did projections on voil fabric in a metal circle structure they they used to “send people to the past”.

For lighting, they used twenty-five 54x3w LED pars for the stage; six LED bars for the audience; six Moving Heads Spot 575w for the audience, twelve ROBE Colorspot 1200 for the stage, twelve SGM BEAM 300 watts for the stage, eight SGM IDEA LED 300 also for stage, three ATOMIC 3000, three LED bar 18x3w TRI for orchestra, three fog machines, eight source four ellipsoidal, thirty-two par64, four Blinders of 4 lamps and one Console Avolites Tiger Touch.

They used Resolume  for the projection to make the the images fit all those screens.

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One response to “Paneled Environment”

  1. Jess says:

    Amazing. It has a cirque du soleil feel to it. Very inspiring.

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