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Josh Blick from Alpine Chapel in Lake Zurich, IL brings us these starry nights poking through black velvet fabric.

They wanted to add a star curtain that would fit their A-framed building, plus a new projection screen that would float on top of the starry background.

They made the star curtain out of seven panels of fire retardant black velvet fabric ($150). The fabric was 52″ wide. To poke holes in the fabric they got two 4×4′ sheets of plywood and clamped them together. Then they drilled four holes per square foot randomly in the board. Next, they unclamped the boards and sandwiched a section of fabric in between them. They used a punch tool ($3) to punch all the holes through the drilled holes that they made. They did the same thing for all seven panels of fabric.

To put the lights in, they laced the fabric on top of pink foam facing down. Then they poked Christmas lights (Miniature clear about $2.50 per 100) through the fabric into the foam. The foam was only there to hold the lights in place temporarily. Once all the lights were in, they hot glued around the base of the light and let them dry. Once the glue set, they carefully pulled the panels off the foam. To hang the panels, they placed them up next to the existing curtains, draped the extra fabric over the backside, and stapled them to the same board holding up their curtains. They did this for all seven panels. To attach the curtains together and make the panels seam like one drop, they used binder clips ($15) from the back of each panel to pull the fabric together. They chose binder clips because they allowed for easy put up and allowed for them to take the drop down in panels verses sewing them together.

The screen was made out of two 4×12′ sheets of sheet rock with a 2×4 frame cut down to be 12×6.75′ (16×9 aspect ratio) and was painted eggshell white. It was hung about 3 feet out from the star curtain.

Woven with Snow Paneled Environment

4 responses to “Starbacks”

  1. Ariel says:

    Looks good! I’m just curious where you bought the fabric from? That sounds like a great deal to me and am in need of some.

  2. Bradley Keller says:

    We purchased the fabric from a company from magma fabrics. They offered the lowest price with the best options. I would recommend calling to place the order.

  3. Richard Lim says:


    Awesome! by the way did you use short throw projector on your screen?

  4. Eric Vardeman says:

    how do you power all of those string lights?

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