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Paper Partitions

Check out these really cool paper partitions you can buy made from recycled craft paper. These are available for $56/module set from a company called Mio with some pretty cool, green, nomadic cultural solutions. One 24 Module Set creates a 4.5 ft x 4.5ft section with the open configuration and a 3 ft x 4.5 ft section with the closed configuration.

Check them out!

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9 responses to “Paper Partitions”

  1. Brandon says:

    Just a thought. You could take some coroplast and cut a slit in them to do a similar idea possibly on a bigger scale.

  2. erikmichael says:

    Bought 4 sets of these a few weeks ago to see how lighting it may look, I didn't like their look on stage, the colors I picked were probably most of the problem. Definitely only buy a few and test it out for yourself..

  3. Alex says:

    thanks to this post, we came across another Mio product and we used it in a simple stage design. you can see the pics here:…

  4. Great product. I have produced several smaller events where these or other mioculture products were used. I've found the secret on stage is to use light colors (white & grey) that reflect colors well. The colored units are best for non-lighted situations (i.e. info meetings, etc…)

    Here are the tiles:
    Here are the colored nomads in a info meeting:

  5. Jeff says:

    I tried to order a bunch of these today and the main color I wanted (white) was on backorder :(

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