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The Beauty of Wax Paper

Mike Defraties at Faith Christian Family Church in Rushville, Illinois used this design for their summer camp series (Summer Scream Twenty10). Mike used 5 pieces of corrugated metal that had been sitting around the campus for a few years and lit each of them with single PAR64 LED cans.

For added special effects this year, they put together two shadowboxes made out of 1″ thick foam board.  Mike and his team mapped out their design and used a 1″ diameter drill to create the SUMMER SCREAM logo on the boxes. They then lined the inside of the boxes with wax paper to diffuse the light and painted the outside foam board black. Each box was lit with two more PAR64 LED’s.

The rest of their rig is:

  • Mac with ProPresenter 4 and a TripleHead2Go to run three screens
  • 6 iMove 250 spots
  • 4 High End Studio Spot 250’s on trusses
  • 4 High End Studio Color Washes that come in very handy for flooding the back wall with color
  • 24 PAR64 wash lights to provide front and camera lighting
  • All of their lights are programmed and run through Daslight Virtual Controller 2 software

This is one of their first stage designs at Faith Christian Family Church.

Paper Partitions Wave to the Nice People

2 responses to “The Beauty of Wax Paper”

  1. Mike says:

    I can't take all of the credit for this…the stage design was largely due to my colleague Chris Miller. He designed much of the stage decorations and I provided the lighting. Teamwork is key for everyone out there designing stages for your church!

    God Bless!

  2. Corey Johnson says:

    Are the vertical panels the corrugated metal or wax paper?

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