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Party Like It’s 1999

Billy and Mandy Holden from Innovation Church in Lafayette, IN brings us this 90’s inspired stage design.

They wanted to create a fun 90’s inspired environment for their series. They used pallet Christmas trees they had created for their previous Christmas series and cut the bottoms off.

Then they painted every row different fun neon colors and simply rehung them in a new way. The trees were just made from reclaimed wood and the paint they already had so that didn’t cost them anything.

They created the giant CD and cassette tape with foam. Just simply cut out the shape of them then and painted the image. Their assistant, Haley Harwood, added shading to the CD so that it looked more realistic. You can use any supplies to create these items. Just make sure that the CD has a sheen to it.

A family in the church donated a bunch of old cassette tapes and they spray painted them in fun neon colors and hung them with fishing wire on their drum cage along with old CDs.

This project only cost them about $20, and that was for the paint. Everything else they found around the church from other projects.

To decorate the rest of the building, they gathered old 90’s items to use as decor on their tables such as an old Nintendo, toy story toys, Rugrats stuffed animals, video cassette tapes, etc. They created vases with some of the left over cassette tapes as well. Everyone wore 90’s attire to make it even more fun and every week they covered different 90’s songs for such as: Achy Breaky Heart, Wonderwall, etc and threw in a few 90’s worship songs as well.







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