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Zach Home from Red Door Church in Sioux Falls, SD brings us this simple Coroplast stage design.

They designed an inexpensive and modern design using flat white Coroplast squares.

They cut 4×8 sheets of flat white Coroplast into 24″x24″ squares. Sheets of Coroplast were purchased locally from a plastic sign company for $17 a sheet. They did pay them extra to cut them into 24″x24″ squares.

They strung fishing line down the open veins in the Coroplast and tied them together creating a row of squares. They attached the squares to the top of ceiling using conduit pipe.

A square grid could be layered and assembled a ton of different ways, creating depth and length visually.

Add color LEDs or gelled pars and you end up with a creative and modern design.







Hanging Salvage Hexahere

5 responses to “Right Here!”

  1. Rob says:

    Looks great! I would like to do this at my current church. How exactly did you attach the 2′ X 2′ coroplast sections together with the fishing line? Did you go through the gaps between the corrugated plastic inside each piece of coroplast? Did you hot glue the fishing line to the sheets? Thanks!

    Again, great idea!

    • Zach Bauer says:

      Thanks, yes we did go through the gaps. Coroplast has open veins that run across, so we turned the squares so the veins would run horizontally. We then ran heavy duty fishing line through it and through the next square then tied them off, then centered them. We usually went down 3 veins on each side. Hope this helps!

  2. Kelly says:

    Do you find that the coroplast helps to reduce sound at all? We’re looking for options that not only look good but also reduce the sound bouncing off the stage walls!

    • Zach says:

      Maybe, we use in ears so we don’t have much sound bouncing off back wall. For our sound panels we used 2×2 woods boards framed it with insulation inside with a fabric wrapped around it.

  3. Randy says:

    I like the look! We created something really similar using foam board sheets. I spend a total of $17. I used 20″ by 30″ pieces, then cut off 10″ to make squares. I think it looks great!

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